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The minimum wage has increased across Canada, with more increases to come in 2019 in several provinces. Has this had a impact on your budgets or caused you to scale back programs and events?
The minimum wage has increased across Canada, with more increases to come in 2019 in several provinces. Has this had a impact on your budgets or caused you to scale back programs and events?
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Finally, an easy gift that everyone will love

Halloween is over, but something possibly more dreadful is just around the corner. If you thought dealing with sugar-high kids on a school night was bad, consider the nightmare of staff or client holiday giving. Whether you’re an HR manager, marketing director, or business owner, the ordeal of coordinating gifts that everyone will appreciate is a thankless, monumental task. Fear not. The team at Esiance Inc., founders of, have launched the new EverythingCard platform that promises to erase the pains of corporate gift-giving.

A branded gift that won’t collect dust

The EverythingCard is a customized redemption platform where recipients choose gift cards from 80+ popular national merchants. Gift cards are the practical choice that everyone really wants, but sometimes they lack a personal touch. As an EverythingCard client, your company branding and tailored messaging is integrated into the redemption experience, reminding recipients of your thoughtful gesture of appreciation. Delivered via personalized email or on a branded physical gift card, EverythingCard gift codes are easy to redeem at a dedicated and custom company URL. Then, the real fun is choosing from so many of Canada’s favourite retailers, restaurants, gas and groceries.

Everyone loves gift cards, just not the same ones

If you asked 100 employees which gift card they would choose, you would get 100 different answers. You’d also ruin the surprise which makes gifting so exciting. Add all the mall trips for purchasing, tracking, safe-keeping, then distribution, and you’ve got yourself a huge headache. The team at EverythingCard takes the burden and hassle off your shoulders, while you sit back and enjoy the smiles. Within just a few years, they’ve delivered over $50M in gift cards, to 2.5M Canadians, and have built direct relationships with each merchant whose gift cards they offer. Give confidently, knowing that clients get exactly what they want, delivered direct, and backed by exceptional customer service.

Not just for holidays

While the upcoming holidays have organizers scrambling for ideas (and extra hands), EverythingCard can also be implemented year-round for an endless number of initiatives. Clients are already using EverythingCard to celebrate milestone anniversaries, thank clients for referrals, provide health & safety incentives, reward charitable fundraising, recognize employee performance, help ease difficult customer service issues, and much more. Since redemption occurs on your customized web portal, that means your recipients can choose their gift anywhere they are - at home, satellite office, on vacation or leave of absence - at a desktop or mobile device. Gift cards are available for digital delivery or as physical gift cards, direct shipping included on all orders.

Companies and projects are as unique as people who run them

Big or small, one-time event, or ongoing program, the act of gifting is a different experience for every client. With the support of the EverythingCard team, a tailored platform is built just for you to fit your budget. Ranging from zero-fee options to a fully white-labeled website, this product is truly scalable. Advanced features can even include detailed tracking for tax purposes, flexible credit-system for real-time ordering, multi-level administrator access, reporting, and a dedicated account representative. If you have a gifting challenge ahead of you, contact EverythingCard to discuss how you can make the gift of choice also an easy one.

For more information or to request a demo, visit or call 1 (855) 648-2273.