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Did this year’s hurricane season disrupt or cause you to change any of your programs?
Did this year’s hurricane season disrupt or cause you to change any of your programs?

It’s Always Colourful in St. John’s

Wondering why you haven’t visited the “Top Coastal Destination in the World”* yet? We’ll give you three reasons why your next event should be in the always colourful, St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador.

1.           The Smallest Big City You’ll Find

Here, in this cozy, jewel-bright metropolis you’ll discover a place where the only thing more colourful than the houses are the characters who live in them. It’s a city that brims with contradictions – an urban hub that feels like a small town.

Our spectacular spaces start from the outside in, making sure that you are never far from an ocean view. With art, music, cuisine and natural wonders all within walking distance, St. John’s guarantees your event will never be all work and no play.

2.           Adventure Literally Right Outside Your Hotel

Close your eyes and imagine a day beginning by dining on the hillside at the most easterly point in North America, Cape Spear National Historic Site, as the sun’s first rays hit the continent. Then, travelling by boat, tour icebergs that have voyaged from Greenland to visit our shores as whales spout and swim by. What is an everyday occurrence for us becomes a once in a lifetime experience for your guests.

Photo By: Chelsey Lawrence Photography

We like to say that Mother Nature’s theatre is only a few steps away, but of course showtimes may vary.

3.           We have a long history as friendly hosts

For more than 500 years, St. John’s has been a natural draw for those searching for an undefinable something out of the ordinary. And, like the countless travellers who have come to our city, you’re sure to find it. Newfoundlanders are so well known for being world-class hosts that an award-winning musical, Come From Away, was written about us.


A surprising fact to some: Those who attend conferences in St. John’s tend to stay longer than when they travel to other destinations.

In this hidden gem on the eastern edge of North America, you’ll find adventure begins at your doorstep. Around any corner or bend of the road, you’ll discover a place filled with enough memorable experiences and natural wonders to last a lifetime.

Let Destination St. John’s colour your next conference, meeting, event, or incentive. Connect with us at:

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Sales Manager
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1.877.739.8899 ext. 205

*National Geographic Travellers Magazine