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How often do clients ask you to make sure their event is environmentally conscious?
How often do clients ask you to make sure their event is environmentally conscious?

On the Horizon

Updates on Winnipeg’s upcoming, eye-popping new landmarks

There’s always something to look forward to in Winnipeg. The city’s annual repertoire of events is enough to fill any schedule, and provides many tie-in opportunities for meetings and events. As the city continues to grow, more landmark attractions continue to pop up across the city. These buildings are sure to be tourist attractions, and will also provide new venues for meetings and events in Winnipeg.

Over the next two years, here are some show-stopping attractions to keep in mind as you plan your upcoming Winnipeg events.

Inuit Art Centre (expected opening: 2020)

The Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) is home to the world’s largest collection of contemporary Inuit art, which includes over 13,000 original pieces. Unfortunately, much of this art has never been displayed to the public due to space requirements. That’s why the WAG committed to opening a massive, 40,000 sq. ft. building as a permanent home for this unique art collection.

The Inuit Art Centre will also house an interactive theatre for live performances and speakers, and a three-storey glass vault filled with thousands of original carvings. A number of indoor and outdoor studio spaces will allow artists to create new art onsite, all while being connected to the WAG’s existing building and meeting space. This completely unique landmark will be a focal point in Canada’s artistic landscape, and an extraordinary offsite venue.


Canada’s Diversity Gardens (expected opening: 2020)

The final redevelopment phase of the already-incredible Assiniboine Park, Canada’s Diversity Gardens is destined to become another unique eye-catching Winnipeg landmark. Spanning 35 acres, the Gardens will offer a year-round destination with gardens and gathering places. When completed, the eye-catching structure called The Leaf will house a six-storey waterfall, and four distinct fauna zones – including tropical and Mediterranean biomes, and a butterfly garden.

Exterior gardens include zones honouring Canada’s Indigenous peoples, as well as the country’s cultural mosaic – where gardens will provide produce for the restaurant located inside The Leaf.

Interior design at the Diversity Gardens includes a banquet and meeting space, providing one of the most unique event destinations in North America.

True North Square (expected completion: 2021)

Credit: Tyler WalshThe downtown skyline-defining True North Square has already opened the first of its four buildings, as well as the striking public plaza that is sure to become a destination for enjoying Winnipeg’s copious sunshine. Located just steps from both the RBC Convention Centre and Bell MTS Place, True North Square is one of downtown’s biggest and best new focal points. A second building, which will open in spring 2019, will complement the new downtown destination, creating a combined 50,000 sq. ft. of prime retail space in addition to residential and commercial real estate.

By 2021, two additional buildings will be home to an all-new Sutton Place Hotel & Residences which will have a combined suite count of 418 units, and even more retail space. This transformative infrastructure project will be a magnet for downtown events, meetings, and leisure activities in Winnipeg. True North Square has already been creating a buzz across Canada, as one of the most ambitious recent real estate developments in the country.

More to celebrate
Winnipeg will be recognizing dates of historical importance in the next few years, including the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike in 2019, and the 150th anniversary of the creation of Manitoba as Canada’s fifth province in 2020. For both events, celebration planning is underway with public art, historical tours, and more.

With all kinds of exciting new destinations and events popping up around the city, there is no shortage of reasons for hosting national and international events in Winnipeg.

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