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Did this year’s hurricane season disrupt or cause you to change any of your programs?
Did this year’s hurricane season disrupt or cause you to change any of your programs?

Experience Winter in Edmonton

Cold? Yes. Boring? Never! Experience Winter in Edmonton

It’s no secret that winter in Edmonton is cold, but Edmontonians know how to celebrate the season in all its frosty glory. Their winters are bound to be snowy, but they definitely aren’t boring. Here are some great ways to help your delegates embrace the cold the Edmontonian way!

Festival City

The real fun starts when temperatures drop below zero. The city is famous for their festivals and wintertime is no exception. As Canada’s festival city, the calendar of events is well-filled throughout the year. 

There’s No Hibernating Here

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your delegates should stay tucked up in their hotel rooms. Edmonton’s independent restaurants are being noticed by foodies around the world. Warm up with a cup of joe at one of the city’s hundreds of local independent coffee shops or check out a few of the city’s local breweries, where innovative brews and exciting spaces make for a perfect evening out.

Aurora Borealis

Edmonton is the northernmost metropolis in Canada, and a great place for stargazing with clear winter skies, and incredible views of the northern lights. From the RASC Observatory at the TELUS World of Science, to Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve at Elk Island National Park, you’re provided with the optimal conditions for seeking out sparkling star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies, and even catching a glimpse of the bright, pulsating chorus of lights we know as aurora borealis. 

Embark on a Prairie Safari

Just thirty-five minutes east of Edmonton lies Elk Island National Park. Picture yourself crossing a frozen, snowy lake as the knock-knock-knock of a woodpecker echoes from the forest beyond. If it’s daytime, you might get lucky and spot a bison plowing through the snow and at night, there’s prospect of spotting the northern lights. Take that, summer!

The Good Ol’ Hockey Game

Edmontonians. Love. Hockey. But we didn’t need to tell you that. They’ll fill Rogers Place even if they're watching an away-game on the jumbo-tron. Join the crowd in orange and blue and witness the hockey hair flowing live in person at an Oilers game.