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Did this year’s hurricane season disrupt or cause you to change any of your programs?
Did this year’s hurricane season disrupt or cause you to change any of your programs?

Centre Mont-Royal turns the big 2 0

CMR will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020 which makes this a wonderful time to reflect back and look forward.

Centre Mont-Royal opened its doors in November of 2000. The IACC accredited Conference and Events Centre was part of the long-time home of the International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialized agency of the UN. The space that Centre Mont-Royal occupies now contained many small meeting spaces, an auditorium with translation booths and served its purpose relatively well in its day. It was the inspiration for what became Centre Mont-Royal. After a multimillion-dollar renovation, a new era of meetings and events was inaugurated.

It’s All About the Space
Within the walls of Centre Mont-Royal you’ll find 17 meeting spaces that range in size to accommodate groups from 10 to 800. Foyers with floor to ceiling windows surround the entire perimeter of two floors and offer abundant light for visitors. The foyers are multipurpose spaces where breakfasts, luncheons, coffee breaks, pre gala cocktails, press conferences and trade shows occur.

At the heart of the center is a state-of-the art theatre called “Symposia”. It has certainly set the standard for meetings following an extensive renovation prior to opening in 2000. This room was originally used by ICAO for their general meetings and had 10 translation booths which Centre Mont-Royal kept intact. They have been very useful for the many international events over the years. The theatre accommodates 730 in tiered seating and there are no pillars in the room so every seat has a perfect view of the stage. The outstanding acoustics in Symposia meets the standard for the best concert halls so not only is the room perfect for keynote speakers but also for performances.

Over the years Symposia Theatre has hosted presidents, prime ministers, premiers, business icons, and artists from every genre of entertainment. From President Clinton to comic Howie Mandel, business tycoon Richard Branson or the rapper know as Akon, Symposia has played the elegant host.

And there’s exciting news about Symposia!  In 2020, the theatre will undergo another transformation as has much of the Centre over the course of the last 20 years. Centre Mont-Royal’s commitment of excellence to their clients is always top of mind at CMR and that means continually elevating their standard.

Centre Mont-Royal welcomes a New General Manager
Centre Mont-Royal’s long time General Manager, Shyam Harnal took his well-deserved retirement after leading Centre Mont-Royal from concept to realization with his lifelong experience in the meeting industry as his guide.

Taking the position as GM in 2019 was Luis Ribeiro who has been with the Centre since 2001. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for infusing Centre Mont-Royal with new ideas and new energy. In fact, the entire Centre Mont-Royal team is made up of the most professional people from the hospitality and meeting industry. Clients are in the best of hands with their dedicated coordinators and the rest of the team.

Centre Mont-Royal could not do a good enough job of boasting unless it mentioned their Executive Chef, Yves Malenfant who has served 10’s of 1000’s of outstanding meals since 2003 when he oversaw the construction of a $1,500,000 kitchen at CMR.

Centre Mont-Royal has made itself as green as possible and is very proud of those efforts. CMR has the highest air quality and a fully ergonomic environment. Comfort and conservation are critical for meeting success.

The Best Location
Centre Mont-Royal lives in the heart of downtown Montreal and is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, boutiques, museums, has underground parking and is connected to the Metro and underground city.   

For more information contact:
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