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Article Archives

Events that Matter

A successful charitable event can make the budget of a charity, bring forward much-needed publicity and resources, create memories for a lifetime, or help a community to bond, grieve or heal.

Trade Show Secrets

Five design strategies to draw visitors and business

Taking Good Care

Creating contingency plans for meetings and events

Oh Canada

Summer celebrations kick off with Canada’s birthday on July 1

Canadian Teambuilding

Interactive teambuilding exercises from coast to coast.

The Dilemma

How the changing global climate impacts program destinations and timing.

We’re All in This Together

Sustainable Events for Busy People

Trend Update

Interactive dinner theatre, installation art, immersive events and Instagram-worthy photo ops.

Vision Quest

Most event planners view video projection mapping technology as mind-blowing—but out of reach. Yet industry plays say this technology is increasingly accessible.

Turn Off that Phone!

Device-free meeting trends

Get Into WEC 2019

Get ready for a totally new way to experience MPI’s World Education Congress (WEC)

No Place Like Home

Working from home can be a dream: no daily com­mute, no dressing to impress and more time with family. But, it’s not perfect for everyone.

Get into the Tourney

Invited to a corporate golf outing but not a golfer?

Eating Cleaner

With the recent launch of Canada’s newest food guide, meeting planners have a lot to discuss with food and beverage departments in hotels, venues and convention centres.

Marriott’s Bonvoy Launches

Rewards Reimagined

On the Quiet Side

Six Steps to Creating Introvert-Friendly Events

Getting to Know You

Ignite your Event Badges

Lifelong Learning

Use it or lose it applies to our mind health, just as exercise helps to keep us fit.

Dynamic Icebreakers

Make sure people get the most out of conference sessions, workshops and meetings, you’ve got to get them engaged with each other and the subject matter.

New Year, New You

A brand-new year brings the promise of new beginnings and resolve to try new goals, aspirations and life-affirming habits.

The Next Step

Gone as far as you can with traditional strategies to reduce your event’s footprint?

Meeting Trends 2019

American Express Global Meeting Events Forecast

Dialled In

How to get the most out of teleconferences

MPAHT Signs The Code

Meeting Professionals Against Human Trafficking reach another milestone with industry-driven initiative.

Holographic Magic

Interactive holograms coming to an event near you!

Light Touches

Bring events to life with the magic of projection mapping

Screening Room

Userful Video Walls

Attendee Survival Guide

You’re a pro at planning and running conferences, but do you know how to make the most of it when you’re on the delegate side?

Oh Canada!

From far and wide there is no shortage of great meeting spaces that showcase the best that this country has to offer

Supporting Roles

How to create a successful mentorship

Breaking Down the Barriers

How to ensure accessibility and inclusivity at meetings and events

Tour Guides

How to plan memorable off-site tours for your delegates

Happiness Matters

Inject your programs with positive surprises to boost the attendee experience—and your event’s value.

Deals on Meals

Will it be appies and cocktails? Or a sit-down meal with wine?

You need a ‘Workation’

Move your business ahead with a self-imposed business retreat.

Pop-Up Events

Experiential. Unexpected. Exciting. Pop-ups are designed to be memorable, one-time-only activities.

Green Event Trends

Events can be engaging, economical—and environmentally friendly!

Risky Business

Are we taking event security seriously enough?

Tee Time!

Mastering the Tournament

On the Quiet Side

Six Steps to Creating Introvert-Friendly Events

The Next Generation

Everything you need to know about today's smart photo booths

First Aid Facts

Are you prepared for unexpected medical emergencies at your event?

How to Get your Productivity back

Finding it increasingly difficult to power on through that exhaustive to-do list?

A Sense of Taste

Shifts in food and beverage offerings for groups and events

RFP 101

How to make sure suppliers are on the right page from the get-go

Ignite your Panel Discussions

Shake up your next panel session with these expert ideas

Stay-Put Strategies

How do you keep conference attendees from skipping out early?

Words of Wisdom

Secrets to planning captivating, must-attend meetings for associations

Copyright Knowledge

Make sure your event has the rights stuff

The Power of Hindsight

Event post-mortems do matter!

Liquid Assets

Bottled water alternatives

Grape Escapes

From desert landscapes to lush valleys, these wineries specialize in corporate events.


Innovative ways to get a meeting moving

Geofencing Technology

Welcome to the brave new world of geofencing technology

Social Media Smarts

Four common event social media pitfalls—and how to avoid them

Online Registration

The unwanted guest every organizer should beware of: the cybercriminal.

Master your MC Smarts

The right host can help ensure that an event runs smoothly—or at least make it look that way!

Demographic Shift

Delivering content and meeting experiences that resonate across multiple generations

Ignite your Hiring Skills

How to ensure you find the right person for the job and avoid costly mistakes.

Responsible Food Management

How to trash less food—and help more people—at your next event.

Save your Event from Disaster with Forward Thinking

Whether planning an Olympic-level event or a conference or corporate meeting, make security an upfront component of your event plan.

You’re Virtually There

Remote access truly puts the green in San Francisco meeting

Event Music

Five ways to crank up the volume on your event

Taking a Constructive View of Negative Feedback

It’s key to take an undesirable critique professionally and graciously, and, most of all, to learn from it.

Boosting Numbers for Less-attended Events

Meeting planners dig deep into their bag of tricks to build better attendance.

Team Mentality

Trends and misconceptions in teambuilding

Beyond the RSVP

How to make the most of online registration systems

Langdon Hall, Cambridge, ON

A grand country house hotel and spa in Ontario’s bucolic countryside

Site Selection Smarts

Can you pick the perfect venue without a site inspection?

A Green Seal of Approval

Looking to ramp up your environmental commitment?

Get to know Natalie Wilson, CMM, CMP

President-elect, MPI BC Chapter

Swamped by short RFP turnaround times?

An industry veteran’s advice: we’d better get used to it.

Meeting Room Design

Taking a chance on the unconventional.

Embracing Hybrid Meetings

They attract new audiences, build revenue streams and decrease travel costs. Why aren’t companies—and planners—embracing them?

Beyond the Schmooze

Technology and customization take networking beyond the trading of business cards.

Learning by Experience

Read on for tips on making the most of experiential learning programs.

E-clutter Management

Get a grip on your digital communication.

Ignite Your Power of Persuasion

The art and science behind the power of persuasion—Tips from the pros to help you get what you want!

Animal Ambassadors

A furry friend with a wagging tail is a welcome pick-me-up for tapped-out business travellers and conference goers.

The Lanyard Problem

Here are a few environmentally-friendly options and tips on how to keep them out landfills.

Is it time to beef up breaky?

Two experts weigh in on adding healthier options to continental breakfasts without affecting the bottom line.

Green Key Meetings

An eco-rating program for sustainable meeting options

Ignite your Budget Carving Skills

Creative cost-cutting tips for memorable events that won't break your budget.

Industry Ethics

An anonymous supplier questions our industry's ethics in drawing the line between serving the client and giving it all away.

Planning Accessible Meetings

Resources and tips to make accessible meetings easier to plan.

Google+ for Event Planning

Google+ gets an A+ for planning and promoting events!

Short Lead Times

Tips for tackling one of the most challenging trends affecting meetings and events.

Pinterest your Event Ideas

The world's hottest social media site lets you keep your design inspirations all in one tidy place—on your desktop.

Guidelines for Ont. Business Event Planners

Read how planners are affected by the Travel Industry Act 2002 + Ontario Regulation 26/05

A Reason to Smile: Developing Guidelines with TICO

TICO and BEICC have agreed to develop guidelines—Read J. Frederick Sagel's report on how the guidelines are shaping up.

TICO, As I See It

BEICC lawyer, J. Frederick Sagel, weighs in from his side of the bench.

Identity Crisis! Ontario Planners as Travel Agents?

In what type of circumstances would planners and other business events professionals come under the scope of the Ontario Travel Industry Act?

Armchair Site Inspections

Conduct a site inspection from the comfort of your own office chair using a telepresence robot.

Planners as travel agents?

Give us your thoughts on the recent Court of Appeal ruling that Ontario planners who sell or facilitate travel services must be registered with TICO.

Hybrid Meetings

Hybrids are going viral in the real world. Do they add to or subtract from the focus and content of meetings?

Green Meeting Venues

An abandoned brick factory, Evergreen Brick Works has found new life as a sustainable multi-purpose space

Virtual Familiarization Trips: FAMTripTV

Sit back, relax and pull out the popcorn while your virtual host does all the legwork.

Independent Meeting Planners

Five tips to help you be the best indie meeting planner you can be.

Certification in Meetings Management

Strategic decision-making is the focus of this Meeting Professionals International program.

Ignite your Delegating Skills

Unleash the power of delegation with our tips on how to pass tasks to others, freeing up time to be the best you can be.