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With all due respect for Napoleon, it could be said that an event marches on its stomach too. Catering options matter to attendees, so read on for the latest food trends from industry insiders to incorporate at your next gathering.

Fresh, Bright and Colourful:

Sebastien Centner, Eatertainment CEO and avowed foodie, says fresh, bright and colourful are the terms to think of when creating menus this spring and summer. "After the winter we've had, the explosion of really fresh local produce will be a big hit." While Centner says every region in Canada has its own spring specialties, the food should be the focus, so you'll be seeing a simple serving presentation that lets the food shine as art on the canvas of the plate.

New Flavour Twists:

Centner says exotic Asian spices and srirachi sauce are the key flavour notes trending this year. The trick, he says, is to use the spice with a light touch so that it doesn't overpower other elements of a dish. Centner says the key is to use these flavours in a new way with the tried and true staples that people naturally gravitate to, like chicken skewers. Another new item that Eatertainment says is really popular right now is shishito peppers. These small one-inch peppers are served tapas style grilled or pan fried in olive oil with a lashing of Kosher salt. Beware though—one in every ten of the sweet peppers is really hot.

Healthy Choice:

Erin Breckbill, sales director at byPeterandPauls.com, says there is a huge demand for healthy foods and echoes the note on bright, fresh flavours. "We are focusing on fresh foods, simply prepared and organic if possible." Event planners are asking for more health conscious foods overall. "So many attendees are on special diets or insist on gluten-free items. We try to create meals that everyone can eat." One trend for this year is gelato pops, says Breckbill, "they're non-dairy and can either be sweet or savoury. Think pesto or cucumber pops in addition to the fruit flavoured ices."


The most recent chef's survey from Restaurants Canada reports street food inspiration, smoked foods, underused cuts of meat, and sous vide cooking (food cooked in airtight packages in a water bath) are hot right now. And in a nod to Mother's Day, leafy greens, heirloom fruit and vegetables and superfruits—think acai, goji berry and mangosteens—are trending. Off in the distance, you can hear your mom say "I told you so."

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Editor's Choice

MacGyver This

Save the date

4th Annual Meeting Planner Matinee

When: May 23, 2014 11:00 am – 2:30 pm
Where: One King West Hotel & Residence, Toronto
Why go: The keynote address by Michael Prosserman about "Events that Give Back" will share key strategies UNITY Charity used to identify partners that share its vision and align with its culture and creativity. UNITY Charity partners with companies across Canada to create strategies for employee and volunteer engagement and helps to encourage positive community building across Canada.
What's in it for you: CHMSE welcomes meeting planners to be their guests for lunch, interactive learning and a fun half-day of networking with hospitality colleagues. This event also includes an opportunity to browse exhibits by venue and event suppliers.

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Good to know

Incentive Insight
Here's your chance to get the inside scoop on the state of the incentive travel industry with renowned expert, Jane Schuldt, CITE, CIS. As founder of World Marketing Group, representing international DMCs, and former president of the Site International Foundation, Schuldt brings her extensive expertise on the industry to Toronto for the Site Canada May Chapter Meeting. She will also review some of the findings of the recently released Site White Papers, touching on risk management, employee retention through incentives, and the positive impact of incentive travel. Schuldt has received numerous awards from various facets of the international incentive industry.

Free Registration
The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) has dropped the registration fees for two international conferences for members. Executive Director Greeley Koch says the fees for attending the global conference in Hong Kong and Copenhagen will be included as an enhanced membership benefit for business travel managers. Koch says that "Many travel managers are still subject to cost limitations on conferences and training events. With registration fees coming out of their own pockets, they will attend conferences if participation costs are lowered. There is nothing lower than free." Participants will still have to pay the cost of airfare, hotel lodging and food.

Four Seasons Takes Flight
Luxury takes to the sky with the launch of the Four Seasons branded jet. The fully retrofitted 757 can transport up to 52 guests to unforgettable journeys anywhere in the world. Individually handcrafted leather seats, inspired cuisine and the legendary Four Seasons service will set these journeys apart. Global Wi-Fi keeps travellers connected, while an in-flight concierge can coordinate on-the-fly arrangements for tee times, spa sessions or the "must-have tickets" with their local Four Seasons counterparts. The jet, including accompanying staff and crew can be privately chartered.

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Operation Muskoka
Your experience as an Event Operations Supervisor is needed at the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa in Minett, Ont. Reporting directly to the Event Operations Manager, you’ll be responsible for supervising event operations associates and leaders in their daily responsibilities and ensuring smooth execution of resort events, as well as assisting with training, evaluating, coaching and motivating. You must have a minimum of 2 years supervisory experience in a full service restaurant operation, preferably in a resort setting, and be Smart Serve certified.

Event Sales
Bring your strong team spirit to the Hyatt in Toronto as an event sales manager. You will be responsible for menu planning, agenda setting and hotel meeting services. You are expected to host site inspections, maintain strong customer relationships and will work closely with support staff. A catering management trainee program graduate is ideal, or at least two years of hotel experience is acceptable.
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