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While most Canadians are vigilant about getting flu shots before winter sets in, keeping track of exotic travel vaccines may not be as top of mind. Diseases that have been eradicated in North America may not be in the developing world. Read on for tips on how to keep your travelling staff well while on the road.

Be Prepared:

The onus is on the traveller to ensure they are properly inoculated for diseases that are endemic to a destination. Remember that some countries will want to see a certificate on entry that you have had a particular vaccination if you are travelling from—or have transited through—a country where the disease is prevalent.

Keeping Track:

Having a written record in your passport wallet of the type of vaccination you have had, date and when boosters are required goes a long way in making sure you're protected. In the case of tetanus, a booster shot is only needed once every ten years now. Over the course of a decade, it's easy to forget when you need one if it's not written down. The next time you're in the doctor's office, ask for a copy of your immunization records.

Just in Time:

Make sure you leave enough time to properly vaccinate yourself to ensure that you're protected. Some vaccines require you to get needles up to six to eight weeks before they become effective. That's not good news if you've left those details to the last minute.

Know Before you Go:

Even when diseases have been eradicated in the western hemisphere, such as polio, they do pop up again in various regions in the world. Check out the global updates regarding the latest news and warnings regarding infectious diseases from the Canadian government.

Just in case:

Keep a basic first aid kit in your luggage to provide a first line of defense should you become sick while away. It's also a good idea to keep a list of all prescriptions and carry a contact card detailing all numbers to call in case of emergencies.

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Ultra Thin Travel Speaker

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Canada Meet Week

When: April 7 - 10, 2014
Where: Various Toronto Locations
Why go: Support the Canadian event industry as various associations host events in Toronto. Site Canada, the Business Events Industry Coalition of Canada, Canadian Society of Professionals Event Planners, International Special Event Society and Meeting Professional International showcase education, networking and fundraising during the entire week. Connect with colleagues and get involved.

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Good to know

New Player in Ottawa
There's a new industry supplier in the nation's capital. If you're looking for furniture rentals, take a look at LouLou Lounge. Touted as a supplier for meeting planners created by meeting planners, Carole Saad and her partners have recently launched LouLou Lounge with a sophisticated line of seating, tables and accessories. Bilingual staff can help every step of the way. Saad says her industry experience brings a lot to the supplier equation "I have planned many events over the years for corporate and association events, so I know what planners are looking for and we've built our inventory around those concerns. Our plexiglass collection provides a relatively inexpensive way to decorate events as we can slip paper components under the sheet to promote branding and sponsors, theme or colour."

Real Risk
In a recently released survey, The Real Risk of Travel, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) says in the past 12 months, 75 per cent of business travellers have experienced mishaps during some part of their business travel. Since the survey was conducted in September of last year, it begs the question—what kind of an impact has the winter we've had in North America had on those numbers this year? Respondents were mainly challenged due to weather (54 per cent) or delayed departures (48 per cent). Surprisingly, 34 per cent of respondents did not know whom to call if issues arose on the road. At least half of the 500 respondents were concerned about the location of their hotel and whether or not it was in a safe location.

Full Steam Ahead
The Site Index survey results for 2013 have plenty of good news for the incentive travel industry. The annual forecast says optimism is at a four-year high about the use of motivational travel, as 48 per cent say it will substantially increase over the next six months. Other points highlighted the growth of meetings in travel programs, less use of all-inclusive hotels and fewer cruises selected for motivational purposes.

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Job code: Opportunities in the world of work

Engage at Maritz
An engaged team player is required for an event coordinator position to provide logistical support in the delivery of all on-site events. You'll have at least two years of experience in an event, incentive travel or project management environment, with the proven ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously. Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills are required.

Campus Life
The University of Calgary needs a full-time temporary events planner for the next year and a half. Reporting to the manager of meetings and special events, you will be managing private, corporate and campus community group events on site. You will coordinate events with university departments to ensure that all event requirements for the clients are met. You'll have at least two years of experience in event planning or hospitality administration with proven customer service skills.
Event Specialist
The Ontario Pharmacists Association is looking for a seasoned event planner to oversee all aspects of event execution, including educational seminars, conferences and campaigns. You'll have at least five to seven years of event planning experience and be adept with contract negotiations, promotion and sponsorship.
Creative Opportunity
If you've got the big picture vision coupled with attention to detail, then Decor & More has a spot for you on their sales team in Toronto. You'll report to the director of sales, but will work closely and directly with clients to determine and execute their event goals, manage event budgets and actively seek out new business that fits the company's strategic vision. If you've got at least five years of hands on experience in event management and have excellent verbal and written skills, click here for more details.
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