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JANUARY 9, 2014

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Ah, January... a time of new beginnings, resolutions and the desire to be better at what we do and how we do it. In our hyper-connected world, make this the year you stay in the moment and focus on what is truly important.

Make time:

Carving out some time for yourself to think about how you will use your day is essential. Try to get into the office a little earlier to have some quiet uninterrupted time before the coffee crowd meanders in. Try to get your most important task for the day done first, before the inevitable distractions pile up. You may also want to block off chunks of time on your calendar. Try the Pomodoro technique that sets a time of 25 minutes to accomplish a task followed by a five-minute break.


Studies show that getting a good night sleep, eating a protein rich breakfast and visualizing your perfect day go a long way in actually making it a reality instead of a pipe dream. Create your specific morning ritual that gets you ready to face the day head on with energy and enthusiasm to spare.

Conquer email chaos:

Facing a mountain of email can start your day with a drag even before you tackle a task. Try colour coding your inbox. Have a specific colour related to the urgency of your mail. One colour for the mail that only you can answer, and another for the boss. And turn off your incoming notifications! The countless pings of mail delivery sliver your focused work time into shreds. Check it at the top of every hour – nothing is that much of an emergency.

Password box:

Have you ever noticed it’s the small things that drive you to distraction? How can any of us remember all the passwords to the scores of sites that we go to everyday? A Montreal entrepreneur has come up with a free app PasswordBox that remembers your passwords and saves them to all of your browsers, computers and mobile devices.

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Editor's Choice

Get Up and GO

Save the date

CanSPEP Annual Conference

When: February 20 - 22
Where: Ottawa, Ontario
Why go: A full slate of quality education and a chance to network with independent meeting and event planners from coast-to-coast. Check out the Diefenbunker too!
What's in it for you: A two-part session on Accessible Event Management under the AODA Act will give you in-depth knowledge to be compliant. Many of the sessions carry CE credits.

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Good to know

Top Taxed Cities
Travel-related taxes aren't always equal as the recent survey by the Global Business Travel Association points out. This Top 50 listing ranks the overall travel tax burden, including general sales tax and discriminatory taxes that target car rental, hotel stays and meals. While business travellers usually don't have a choice about where they must go, meeting and conference planners can choose their city of choice for events. The top cities that pick a traveller's wallet the most are Chicago, New York and Minneapolis, while Seattle, Nashville and Houston round out the list. The cities where travellers incur the lowest total tax burden are led by Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and West Palm Beach, all in Florida. (As if all the snow up here doesn't make us want to go there already...)

World Cup Fever
Business travellers with Brazil on their itineraries in the next six months may want to consult this handy survival guide as the excitement mounts for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. You'll be competing with more than 600,000 soccer fans on hand to cheer on with fanatical zeal, which will limit availability on everything from hotel rooms to transportation. There are 12 host cities and be aware that when Brazil is playing, it's a national holiday. Corporate travel managers should leverage their lifetime value to their hotel partners, but expect to pay more any time from June 12 to July 13, 2014.

Site Canada Golden
In an unprecedented win, Site Canada was awarded Chapter of the Year for the second time in as many years in December at the Site Global Conference. Site Canada president, Pam Graham praised the teamwork that went into the win. "We gave ourselves an almost impossible goal of winning Chapter of the Year two years in a row. We stayed focused on creating and delivering incentive quality experiences in everything we did. My sincerest thanks go to the current Board, our members, our previous leadership teams, our strategic partners and sponsors, and the support from Fletcher Wright Associates." The chapter experienced a record increase in membership and developed and launched a loyalty initiative "Gain InSite" to encourage members to seek out members first for purchasing needs and referrals.

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Job code: Opportunities in the world of work

Pomp and Circumstance
The Canadian War Museum needs a coordinator to plan and execute a variety of special events at the facility including fundraising and donor galas, special VIP tours for local and foreign dignitaries and other related duties under the supervision of the communications manager. You'll have at least two years' experience organizing events and media activities and be comfortable in dealing with military personnel and dignitaries. Bilingualism is mandatory.

Set Sail
Use your event planner experience to set sail as a group coordinator for Royal Caribbean Cruises. You'll help guests by coordinating activities for group meetings, conferences and functions by working with all onboard department heads to ensure their program functions according to detail.
Picture This
As an associate specialist for events and sponsorships, you'll be coordinating, planning and executing internal and external events for Canon Canada, based in Mississauga. You'll need at least two years of experience in a similar role, with strong communication skills and a "can-do" attitude.
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