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JUNE 5, 2013
Ignite - a spark of inspiration

For many business owners, social media can be a stressful endeavor. Between the investment of time, the challenge of measuring returns, plus keeping up with the latest platform technologies, it's no wonder so many entrepreneurs are giving up in frustration. So here's five tips to help you manage your social media efforts – and expectations.

Set goals.
Are you trying to build awareness, increase sales, or become a resource? Understanding the role you want to take will better help you stay focused and motivated.
Know your audience.
What platform are they using? There's no point in creating a Facebook page for an audience that would much rather read a blog.
Pick a platform.
With so many social media sites, it can be overwhelming trying to manage them all. Pick one or two that you're comfortable with while still allowing you to reach your audience.
Have a strategy.
Creating a "destination" for your audience can help you measure success. For example, you can offer a free eBook through your Facebook page that visitors can receive when they give you their email. In this case, getting their email address is your real goal.
Manage your time.
Instead of running your social media campaign in small increments throughout the day, set aside a block of time and stick to it. Mobile devices also make it easy to manage social sites during down times like standing in line at the bank.

Marc Gordon is a professional speaker and marketing consultant. Get more marketing tips on his website.

If you're hungry for more insight, check out speaker Jesse Hirsh as one of the marquee speakers at the Ignite Business Event Expo on June 20th at the Direct Energy Centre. This avowed Internet and cyber guru will share his insights on the future of the web and social media.

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Canada Meet Week

When: June 16 - 20
Where: Toronto and Collingwood, Ontario
Why go:
MPI, ISES, CanSPEP and Site Canada have all planned stellar events to coincide with the iBE Expo to capitalize on the planners coming to Toronto. Choose a breakfast, or two evening functions or better yet come to all four!
What's in it for you: Mega-networking opportunities, some fun, some education and great entertainment.

More industry events at Ignitemag.ca

good to know
Disconnect in Meeting & Events
New research by American Express Meetings & Events revealed gaps in policy and practice in company management of expenses and activities related to events and business meetings in North America. The study, conducted with both meeting planners and company executives showed significant differences in risk management, signing authority on contracts, budgeting, data transparency and tracking abilities for meeting attendees in a time of crisis. One of the most glaring discrepancies was the gap between signing authority with 23 per cent of planners reporting that they sign contracts, but only six per cent of executives saying they have the authority to do so. While 82 per cent of company executives said that budgets were recommended or required at the onset of meeting planning, only 52 per cent of planners said they actually received a budget prior to planning.
Bumped UP
A recent ruling by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) could change how much compensation you receive if you're bumped from a flight. The complaint, filed by a passenger, requested that Air Canada be stopped from overbooking flights, and that the airline should provide greater compensation than awarded now (typically $100 cash or a $200 travel voucher) if a passenger is bumped. Air Canada said that typically only 0.09 per cent of their passengers are affected by its overbooking policy. While the CTA ruled that overbooking is an acceptable industry practice, they suggested that Air Canada increase their compensation amounts. The CTA favours a U.S.-based scheme that pays out higher amounts according to how long a passenger is delayed. The airline has 30 days to submit a new fee schedule to the agency.

The Gift of Flight
Take off, eh. Air Canada is now offering the traditional plastic or electronic gift card. The cards are available in both Canadian or US dollars and can be purchased in denominations as low as $25 to as much as $10,000. The cards can be bought in volume, and customized messages can be directed to the recipient. The cards are fully transferable, they never expire and there is no activation or monthly fees. The cards can be redeemed online, through call centres or travel agents. They can be used to purchase tickets, pay for auxiliary fees such as seat selection or meals or for Maple Leaf Lounge access.

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Calling all Students
There are still a few spaces open for students who wish to gain valuable industry experience and network at the Ignite Business Event Expo on June 19 and 20. Students will be asked to volunteer for the two days of the business event, be willing to commit to a training session and sign up for a work schedule. If you're interested, please contact Rita Plaskett.
Be a Good Sport
The MacEwan Sport and Wellness Centre has an open position for a event coordinator for the interuniversity sports teams. You will liaise with coaches, facility staff and student athletes to organize, plan and execute team travel and eligibility requirements for MacEwan University teams within various governing sports associations. Other duties include administrative support of interuniversity sports teams with scholarship, correspondence and athletic policy and procedure documents. A diploma in Sports Management Recreation is preferred, or a related field with a minimum of one year experience working in a sports environment.


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