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MAY 1, 2013
Ignite - a spark of inspiration

A new research paper by The Maritz Institute says a deeper understanding of human behaviours should be the basis of motivational program design. Entitled Four Pillars of Motivation Initiatives, the premise underscores complex individual reasons that drive choices, actions and behaviours of employees. The Four Pillars include attention, goal-commitment, progress feedback and rewards. Co-author of the study, Russ Frey provides additional insight:

Why is it important to understand human behavior in developing a motivational program?

While we'd like to believe that the way we behave is mostly rational and always in our own self-interest, the truth is, both emotions and social context play huge roles in how we behave – whether we're fully aware of them or not. It's important that motivation program experiences and external motivators like rewards not only reinforce desired behaviours but also align with mission, purpose, values and what participants want for themselves.
Would you see this type of program as a boost to employee retention?

Absolutely. When you design a program that creates mutual benefit – for your business and for the people who make it successful – you're adding another reason for people to view their experience with your company or your brand as rewarding. Recognition programs, when implemented with consistency over time can be a particularly powerful way to engage employees. For example, a Maritz poll conducted in 2012 showed that when people are completely satisfied with reward and recognition programs, they are five-six times more engaged with their work overall. Another 2012 study, this one done by the Society of Human Resource Management, indicated that when strategic recognition programs are in place, companies could enjoy up to 51% greater retention.
How do you get people motivated to change their "old paradigms?"

That's the big question, right? I'd say first you have to introduce choices that are better than the status quo. Give people a reason to change that benefits them and your business, in equal measure, and that reflect the purpose and values of your organization. Have trusted leaders explain why the new way is important. Provide a fair and accessible path to success. Ask people to visualize what it will be like when they achieve their goals and have them candidly assess what stands in the way. Then provide whatever resources you can to help them get there...and reward the small steps that will get them started. Provide frequent encouragement and mix in messages that break through "autopilot" thinking. Communicate progress regularly using visuals that are easily understood. Finally, provide a choice of rewards that can create a positive and specific memory that people will associate with your business ... possessions or symbols that carry meaning because they were chosen and earned or a shared experience like a group travel award.

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IMEX 2013

When: May 21 – 23, 2013
Where: Frankfurt, Germany
Why go:
Brand new exclusive daytime educational forums are in the works for both corporate and association planners.
What's in it for you: Hundreds of suppliers, networking galas, the IMEX Awards and show floor education will keep you engaged and invigorated.

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good to know
In the Winners Circle
MPI has announced the 2013 RISE Awards (Recognizing Industry Success and Excellence) and the eight MPI Canadian Chapters have collectively won for the annual planning and hosting of National Meetings Industry Day (NMID) across the country. The RISE Awards honour exceptional achievements in leadership and community initiatives. NMID has been celebrated for 16 years to raise awareness of the meeting industry within Canada and inform the broader business community about the value of the industry. This year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper recognized the program in a letter to MPI Canada headquarters. The RISE Awards will be presented at the MPI World Education Conference in Las Vegas this coming July.
Tanya Racz Leaves GBTA Canada
After founding what is currently GBTA Canada nine years ago, Tanya Racz is stepping down as president of the association. In her farewell, she says "I know I am leaving the Canadian operation of GBTA in a strong position. Canada was GBTA's flagship international operation, and now seeing the expansion of GBTA throughout the world, we should be proud of this accomplishment. Special thanks to the members of GBTA Canada's leadership advisory committee for helping shape the association and I know that this dedicated team will continue their efforts in the future. I would be remiss not to thank the leadership of GBTA. Over the years, Canada has had champions from key senior staff members to those on the board of directors all of whom realized the critical importance of having a strong presence in Canada and made the investment in our marketplace."
UNICEF Micro-Dollars
Global travel technology provider Amadeus is teaming up with UNICEF, the international children's charity, to collect micro-donations from travellers when they book travel for leisure or business. Amadeus provides booking engines for 110 worldwide airlines and will provide an online check box to selected travel providers and sellers to collect the micro-donations (a dollar or so) with a click of a mouse. If a traveller makes a donation, they will receive a confirmation email. The donation payment is processed as a separate transaction from the travel purchase, simplifying the process for the partner and for UNICEF.


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Full House
Caesars Windsor is looking for a director of resort and hotel sales. In addition to leading the sales teams, you'll assist with advertising promotions, liaise with food and beverage departments and promote Casino Windsor at site inspections. Pre-con meetings, financial reports and involvement with industry associations are required. Put your degree in Business Administration and a minimum of six years experience in hotel group and convention sales to work.

Tee this Up
An immediate five-month contract is open in Ottawa for the CLV Group's annual charity golf tournament. You'll oversee the event logistics, liaise with event committees, manage the administration database, coordinate volunteers and provide on-day event management. Qualifications include the completion of a post-secondary degree and a minimum of two years of event experience.

Just Chillin'
A one-year internship as marketing and events coordinator is open at the Polar Bear Habitat in Cochrane, Ontario. Fund-raising and promotional events will be the main focus of this position, but the successful applicant will also create a yearlong event plan for the organization. You'll already have a degree in marketing, event planning or tourism and have a valid "G" driver's license.

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