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OCTOBER 5, 2011
Ignite - a spark of inspiration

Even a behind-the-scenes meetings mastermind should have confidence to shine in the spotlight when the time is right. If you’re more accustomed to booking a speaker than being one, build the skills to get your point across with substance, drawing from a few of our favourite speaking tips:

Ditch the boring “deck”. Resist every urge to read out loud from a PowerPoint script. As Presentation Zen author Garr Reynolds maintains, boring an audience bullet point by bullet point is of little benefit to them.
Keep it short. Then shorten it again. Pare down your ideas. Better to make five good points with clarity, than 10 in a long-winded rant. And, with every sentence, think of how you could say the same thing in fewer words.
Use conversational words. Sure, your industry might “optimize, prioritize or rationalize,” but best to stick with everyday words and avoid jargon to be an effective speaker. Don’t assume that “everybody knows” the lingo.
Enhance your vocal expressiveness. If you think your speaking voice is monotone, practice as if you were talking to children, suggests Patrick Collins, author of Speak with Power and Confidence. Even the sternest adult voice tends to become gentle and varied in trying to hold kids’ attention. It’s meant as an exercise to loosen vocal inhibition.
Develop your non-verbal skills. The ability to hold eye contact around the room, the way you hold notes and props, your hand gestures, the use of silent pauses, your smile – all these cues help punctuate your words and highlight your key messages.
Try to relax. Slow down. Take a breath. Ease your shoulders and avoid staged gestures. Let a moment of silence slip through. In a speech script, you might even want to note a few places to pause between ideas as a way to grab attention.
Practise public speaking. Whether you’re making a speech or introducing someone else on stage, confidence is the key to grabbing an audience’s attention. Volunteer for every small role to take the podium, or practise at a speaking club to rehearse in a sheltered and friendly environment.

More resources.

* Tips and exercises from Toastmasters International
* Training tools from PowerTalk International
* PowerPoint tips from Garr Reynolds

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