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AUGUST 3, 2011
Ignite - a spark of inspiration

Whether your job is to make travel arrangements or set corporate travel policy, you’ll recognize that no two road warriors are alike. To understand the needs and habits of business travellers, the Global Business Travel Association commissioned a survey in June 2011, identifying these five types and what drives them:

The veteran
The most experienced make up a third of all business travellers, going on about 12 trips per year and averaging four nights each time. Typically older, they have no problem handling their own arrangements or keeping track of expenses.
What they want: To ensure they can stay connected. They’re highly receptive to technology to stay productive.
Road weary
Frequent travellers more reluctant about life on the road, they take an average of 15 trips per year for three nights each, and tend to go to the same destinations by car.
What they want: To feel safe while away and stay in touch with family. Most likely to pack a GPS.
Wide-eyed and anxious
About a fifth of those surveyed were less frequent travellers who experience challenges while away, taking an average of 11 trips per year of four nights at a time.
What they want: Tend to enjoy travel but get nervous navigating new destinations or following travel policy, so consider resources to guide them.
Passionate high-tech
These enthusiastic travellers average 13 trips a year, and covet gadgets that keep them in touch and on track.
What they want: They love to travel and rely on technology like tablet devices to make them more productive and stay in the loop with family and friends.
The new recruits
Most likely to travel internationally and work in technology, these less experienced travellers are keen to share adventures. Generally younger, they average 14 trips per year and six nights away each time.
What they want: Eager to explore destinations while on business, they may use social media to meet up with friends and colleagues on the road. Most likely to pack a Wi-Fi stick and projector, and conscious about reducing their carbon footprint.
The findings are based on a poll of 801 people who travel at least four times a year on business. The full report is available to GBTA members through the GBTA Foundation website.

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Financial & Insurance Conference Planners 2011 Regional Meeting
When: August 25-27, 2011
Where: The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto
Why go:
A unique chance for planners to connect with peers from a range of financial services firms to compare notes on best practices.
What’s in it for you: An agenda that balances what’s new in venues and services, along with business-building skills to assert your value to your company.

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good to know
Webinar with Peter Sheahan explores meetings mind shift
Leading up to its IMEX America education program, MPI is featuring keynote speaker Peter Sheahan in a special webinar next week: What Keeps Business Executives Up at Night and How Can the Meetings Industry Help? This young Aussie author and entrepreneur, who has his ear on workforce trends and generational change, shares his thoughts on the business mind shift in the wake of global financial crises – and how meetings professionals can rethink their role to set a new pace. Details: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 11 a.m. Central Standard Time. Free to planners who register or login to www.mpiweb.org and register here.
CME tackles Canada/US cross-border hassles
If your company’s business travellers are reporting increased woes of being turned back at the US border, you’re not alone: The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters association says a growing number of member companies have recently reported difficulties crossing the border on business travel, and has compiled a summary of examples of recent problems. CME's policy team is actively working with officials from the Beyond the Border Working Group in Ottawa and Washington to change policies and facilitate business travel between our two nations. In the meantime, CME members can sit in on a briefing seminar on August 30, 2011 on what Canadian business travellers need to know today. Register here.
Corporate Gifts + Rewards
Play fair with rewards, or risk losing impact
Try as you might to recognize employees with a rewards program, four factors can derail the perception of fairness, according to research released by Hay Group and WorldatWork. Top among them are a poor economic environment that may include pay freezes, layoffs or pay cuts within your organization, clearly at odds with any of your rewards efforts. Inconsistent application of rewards or the perception of doling out recognition to favorites also erodes confidence. Poor communication and leadership round out the list of factors that can affect people’s perception of fairness. See more details on the news release.

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This job’s a natural if you love the planet
Conservation organization WWF-Canada is seeking an Executive Assistant to support two vice presidents, covering marketing and communications and strategic partnerships, and help ensure efficient day-to-day operations from scheduling and running meetings to making travel arrangements. Application deadline is August 10, 2010. Click through to the WWF website for more details.

Be a key convener in pharmaceutical sales
GlaxoSmithKline is casting out to find an Executive Meeting Coordinator to be the central point-of-contact in planning and overseeing business meetings and events for sales and marketing initiatives. From preparing RFPs to helping choose event venues and suppliers to implementing recognition programs, this job calls for an experienced pro. View the full posting or search for PHAR11136 on the www.gsk.ca website.


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