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The pandemic has created a whole new set of challenges to the business events industry. What information are you most needing now?
The pandemic has created a whole new set of challenges to the business events industry. What information are you most needing now?
How to cancel a meeting
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Experiences for events 100% "Made in Spain"

Photo: Learn how to cook a paella and enjoy it under the sun!

Experiences inspired by traditions and Spanish customs are ideal for giving authenticity to your event. Organisers are always looking for something that surprises delegates. This time, we are taking you to Madrid, Valencia and the northern regions to discover some unique activities "Made in Spain."


Tapas and wine tastings in Madrid

The hallmark of Spanish gastronomy is the tapa, a small dish of food that allows guests to discover the culinary tradition of the destination.

In the capital of Spain, the Madrid Convention Bureau helps you organize original and fun events, among which you can find the” Tapas Hunter” activity, which tests participants’ orientation skills: the mission is to find recommended food bars and enjoy a foodie journey through the tapas of Madrid. Enroute, delegates will learn about the region’s wines through a tasting and enjoy anecdotes about 18th century Madrid, while walking through the streets.

They can also do the tour in a Seat 600 – a car that has mythical status in Spanish motor history- evoking the Madrid of the 1960s through some of the most famous neighbourhoods.

Photo: Tapas in Madrid

Paella and Fallas in Valencia

How do you make an authentic Valencian paella? It's not easy... but the city offers activities to learn how to to cook it as a team and enjoy it later! Great for team-building, paella cooking activities take guests to traditional farmhouses where a master chef teaches them step by step and gives tips about how to become an expert paella cook. This can end with horchata tastings (a typical Valencian drink) where participants learn about how to grow tiger nuts, the key ingredient of the drink.

Another great reason to visit Valencia is the celebration of The Fallas, a festival of International Tourist Interest, consisting of ninots (colossal cartonboard statues), which the Fallas masters build throughout the year. Falleros por un día is an event organised by Es.Cultura Eventos where participants learn the art of building ninots with real Fallas masters, and compete in teams so that their figure is the winner and is saved from the cremà (cremation of the Fallas, where most ninots are burned and which marks the end of the festivities).

This fun activity combines teamwork with immersion in one of the most significant traditions of Valencia. Guests will be greeted by a traditional music band and then will start working as a team to build a creative ninot.


Photo: A ninot statue from the Fallas celebration

The Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain

Those who have done it say that the Camino de Santiago, or St. James’s Way, is a source of inspiration; the chance to connect with oneself, with others, with nature, art, history – and this can also inspire your teams, your clients and your event! Walking gives people time to think and observe calmly, and awakens the senses.

Going back 12 centuries, the Camino is the oldest route on the continent. There are different paths within Spain to follow the Camino, all ending in the city of Santiago de Compostela.  This intense experience connects participants with their group, Galician culture, traditions and gastronomy.

This year  and next year are very special for the Camino, since for the first time in history, the  Xacobeo Year 2021 will be extended one more year and in 2022 there will be many special events happening along the different routes. 

Photo: Walking the Camino de Santiago

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