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How often do clients ask you to make sure their event is environmentally conscious?
How often do clients ask you to make sure their event is environmentally conscious?

Host your event in Halifax

Get more than you imagined possible by hosting your next event in Halifax

There is no argument that event or conference planning is a big undertaking. With delegates looking to get more out of conferences and events, planners are faced with creating unique experiences that incorporate all touchpoints above and beyond the conference content. Imagine hosting in a city and a venue that did some of that work for you?

Located just 100 steps from the ocean, in the heart of the vibrant downtown core, the Halifax Convention Centre offers the perfect venue for events and conferences. Halifax has it all, balancing all the advantages of large city amenities with the destination experience and charm that delegates are looking for.

By nature, Halifax crafts unique and memorable event experiences for everyone who visits. In Halifax, the city streets become after-hours events. The stunning waterfront becomes a natural, effortless backdrop. And local flavours cater to the pickiest palettes. In Halifax, you’ll not only have a city that’s an active extension of your event, but a team that’s an extension of yours, too.

With its central, downtown location, the Halifax Convention Centre offers access to amenities, all within walking distance. Forget what you’ve heard. What Halifax lacks in size, it makes up for in charm and personality, with all the advantages of a large-size city, like daily direct flight access and a thriving business district. Halifax offers the personality and cultural charm you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

When your event is in Halifax, the city itself becomes an extension of your venue, offering your delegates opportunities to experience all the local charm that makes Halifax so special. When you’re in Halifax, you make your mark: from a warm welcome the moment you arrive in the airport to experiencing local offerings, the collaboration between the city, the facility, and people help deliver the best possible delegate experience.

Unique, local experiences make events memorable. The Halifax Convention Centre offers a Local Program, which inspires visitors to love Nova Scotia like a local through special flavours. Ever wonder what Acadian maple syrup tastes like? You can find out. Oh, and Halifax Convention Centre serves over 2,500 bottles of Nova Scotia wine each year—yours could be the next glass they fill.

When you host in Halifax, the Halifax Convention Centre becomes extension of your team and the city becomes the extension of facility, offering delegates the unique experience they will not get anywhere else.  

More is possible when you host in Halifax. Contact the Halifax Convention Centre about hosting your next event in Halifax. You won’t regret it.