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Do you conduct surveys after your events?
Do you conduct surveys after your events?

Business Playgrounds: Inspiring Environments for Effective Meetings

To take your meeting from efficient to effective, you first need to select the right environment. Leaving the office for a creative meeting has to offer more benefits than just getting your team together in new surroundings. A change of venue naturally brings   a shift in mentality and the venue you choose must facilitate innovative thinking, teambuilding and communication.

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal specializes in meetings. After all, it was built as a centre for large conventions almost 60 years ago and has just undergone a complete transformation to reinvent its meeting experience. It now offers a unique selection of function spaces that represent the largest convention space in town, second to the Convention Centre. Its new third floor meeting space Colab_3 was specifically designed   to trigger fresh ideas away from the daily grind.

For companies looking for creative ways to make meetings more exciting, the hotel has redesigned its event space into a collaborative business campus that will be among the most modern in North America. Composed of a series of interconnected rooms, it will become a natural setting for business people seeking creativity and collaboration. This meeting space will be a digital ecosystem curated for today's hyper-connected world. It will be a place where performance meets pleasure, a place that inspires and encourages reflection. The new multimedia rooms will host a variety of cultural and events, creating a bustling environment uniquely suited to Montreal’s vibrant commercial scene. It will fit the needs of meeting planners who want their group stimulated, entertained and surprised. Adding a little life, novelty and technology can serve as the spark that fires one’s imagination.

New dynamic themed rooms, adjacent to an expansive outdoor terrace will quickly be considered a must for meetings and social events in the city. The Eureka Room’s circular table is surrounded by a 180-degree bank of multi-media screens covering almost the entire wall. The Copy and Paste rooms feature white walls to write on and an entire wall covered with oversized pads of Post-it Notes.

The LG Tech Room will offer cutting-edge technology for groups to use. The Swing Room will please your inner child with two swings, while the Ping Room features a ping-pong table for a boardroom table, ideal for fun brainstorming sessions.

During breaks, participants can gather in common playrooms to unwind, socialize and exchange. By creating interesting shared experiences, planners can help the attendees get to know each other and give them a boost of energy to stay productive throughout the rest of the day. Colab_3, the new meeting floor that challenges conventional meetings, offers spaces promote freedom to think, conceptualize and solve problems collaboratively. Culinary offerings for each room will be unique and to menus have been created with superfoods that boost focus, mental clarity and brainpower. A team of experience planners and event professionals are on hand to take your meeting to the next level and assist you in breaking the mold.

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